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Dr. Mario

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Dr. Mario Torres-Leon

A native of Puerto Rico, is a Harvard, Yale and Columbia trained board certified Interventional Radiologist. He is the Founder and CEO of Global Medical Innovations, LLC; Co-Founder of the Surgical Drainage Awareness Foundation and Co-Director of the Surgical Drainage Awareness Month global initiative. 


Dr. Mario is a medical innovator and inventor who holds multiple patents to his name and through his technologies is committed to establishing the global gold standard in patient-centric and minimally invasive surgical devices. Freedom Belt, one of his simplest and most life transforming devices for patients with medical drainages has recently been seen on National TV.


After his Harvard years, he was responsible for the introduction of revolutionary minimally invasive liver and kidney cancer treatment modalities to the state of Massachusetts in the United States.


Dr. Mario has also been an international personal development and health coach speaker and author. Through his work he has been able to reach and impact the lives of millions of people with broad backgrounds throughout the world.  


Dr. Mario, as he is known on media outlets, is a sought after frequent co-host and guest on American National and Local TV shows across the country and has also co-hosted his own Top Ten radio show on iTunes, “Thrive Doctors Radio”.


His latest project is the creation of his own TV show and network which holds the vision of “Closing-the-Gap” for 1 billion people throughout the world.

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